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Lots of new series added this month. I have now added hyperlinks to the right page on the website so you can click on the series name here and it will take you to the right page.

Please remember that this website only makes money from referral fees from affiliate booksellers so please consider buying items through the website, by clicking on Amazon, Waterstones or Hive buttons.

Many thanks

New series added:
Alex Milway – Pigsticks and Harold

Arwen Elys Dayton – Seeker
Berlie Doherty – Street Child
Charise Harper – Sasquatch and Aliens
Emma Clayton – Roar
Allen Zadoff – Unknown Assassin (USA ed) & Boy Nobody (UK ed)
J.A.White – Thickety
James Patterson – House of Robots
Jennifer Donnelly – Waterfire Saga
Jessica Brody – Unremembered
Joe O’Neill – Red Hand Adventures
John Van de Ruit – Spud
Jordan Stratford – Wollstonecraft Detective Agency
Justin D’Ath – Mission Fox – e-book series only
Lou Anders – Thrones and Bones
Megan Miranda – Fracture
Nigel Smith – Nathalia Buttface
Rachel Hartman – Seraphina
Robin Stevens – Wells and Wong Mystery
Sarah Sky – Jessica Cole: Model Spy
Steve Cotler – Cheesie Mack
Tom Angleberger – Origami Yoda
Tommy Greenwald – Charlie Joe Jackson
Victoria Scott – Dante Walker – Collector
Victoria Scott – Fire and Flood

Chris Ryan – Agent 21
Claudia Gray – Evernight
Darren Shan – Zom-B
James Patterson – I Funny
Kate O’Hearn – Pegasus
Liz Pichon- T om Gates

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