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Lots of new series added over the last couple of months. I have now added hyperlinks to the right page on the website so you can click on the series name here and it will take you to the right page.

Please remember that this website only makes money from referral fees from affiliate booksellers so please consider buying items through the website, by clicking on Amazon, Waterstones or Hive buttons.

Many thanks


Anna Wilson – Puppy  series: name changed to Top of the Pups and reissued with lovely new covers

Maudie Smith – Opal Moonbaby -Exciting new covers

New Series Added:

Claudia Gray – Firebird

Claudia Gray – Spellcaster

Daisy Meadows – Magic Animal Friends

David Lawrence Jones – Bradley Baker

Fleur Hitchcock – Shrunk!

Gwenda Bond – Lois Lane

Ian Beck – Casebooks of Captain Holloway

Jacob Grey – Ferals

Jennifer A Nielsen – Mark of the Thief

Jennifer Gray – Chicken Mission

Jennifer Gray – Puppies Online

Jenny McLachlan – Ladybirds

Lemony Snicket – All the Wrong Questions

Linda Chapman – Best Friends’ Bakery

Marie Rutkoski – Kronos Chronicles

Marie Rutkoski – Winner’s Trilogy

N.H. Senzai – Shooting Kabul

Olivia Tuffin – Palomino Pony

Rita Williams-Garcia – One Crazy Summer

Sarah Webb – Songbird Café Girls

Shannon Hale – Princess Academy

Simon Mayle – Shouty Kid

Tamsyn Murray – Completely Cassidy

Virginia Bergin – Rain

Wayne Grant – Saga of Roland Inness


Bear Grylls – Mission Survival – 8

Caroline Carlson – Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates – 2

Chase Wilder – Temple Run – Run For Your Life! -3-6

Chris Columbus – House of Secrets  -2

Daisy Meadows  – Rainbow Magic Series 23 Fairytale Fairies

Daisy Meadows – Rainbow Magic  Series 22 School Days Fairies

Dan Scott – Gladiator School -2-6

Helen Grant – Forbidden Spaces Trilogy -3

James Patterson – Maximum Ride  – 9

James Patterson – Middle school  – 7

Jennifer Gray – Guinea Pigs Online 5 & 6

John Stephens – Books of Beginning – 3

Jonathan Stroud – Lockwood & Co – 2

Lincoln Peirce – Big Nate -7

Marcus Alexander – Keeper of the Realms -2 & 3

Marcus Sedgwick – Elf Girl & Raven Boy – 3-6

Michelle Harrison – Thirteen Treasures – 3

Peter Lerangis – Seven Wonders  – 4

Ridley Pearson- Kingdom Keepers -8

Rosie Banks – Secret Kingdom – Series 6 & 7

Shannon Hale: Ever After High -4

Shirley Hughes – Dixie O’Day -3

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