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Lots of new series add this month. I have now added hyperlinks to the right page on the website so you can click on the series name here and it will take you to the right page.

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New series added to Children’s Book Sequels:
A.G.Howard – Splintered Trilogy
Angie Sage – TodHunter Moon
Annika Thor – Faraway Island Trilogy
Brandon Mull – Five Kingdoms
Cate Shearwater – Making the Grade
Erica David – Frozen – Anna and Elsa
Fumi Hancock – Adventures of Jewel Cardwell
Gareth P. Jones – Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates
Geoff Rodkey – Chronicles of Egg
Geoff Rodkey – Tapper Twins
Guy Bass – Legend of Frog
Holly Webb – Wintry Tales
Jane Lawes – Gym Stars
Janni Lee Simner – Bones of Faerie
Jennifer A Nielsen – Ascendance Trilogy
Jennifer A Nielsen – Underworld Chronicles
Jon Scieska – Frank Einstein
Jonathan L. Ferrara – Blackwell Family Secret
K.J. Madsen – Destiny of Jasmine Blade
Kate Messner – Marty McGuire
Kate Messner – Ranger in Time
Kate Messner – Silver Jaguar Mysteries
Kris Humphrey – Guardians of the Wild
Laini Taylor – Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy
Marissa Meyer – Lunar Chronicles
Megan Spooner – Starbound Trilogy
Michael Northrop – Tombquest
Nick Ruth – Remin Chronicles
Robert G. Cordiner – Candy Wars
Sam Penant – Hero 41
Soman Chainani – The School for Good and Evil

Updated Series to Children’s Book Sequels:

Frank Lampard – Frankie’s Magic Football

Jeanne Birdsall – Penderwicks

Megan McDonald – Judy Moody

Megan Mcdonald – Judy Moody and Friends

Steve Backshall –  Falcon Chronicles

Steve Cole – Secret Agent Mummy

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