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A Bastien Bonlivre Adventure

The second Bastien Bonlivre adventure, set in Paris, starts with a map with some familiar names on it.

Bastien is celebrating the launch of his first book at his favourite bookshop, Le Chat Curieux, with Alice, the owners daughter, Theo and other friends from the orphanage. It should be a wonderful evening but when the shop is plunged into darkness, Bastien knows something isn’t right.
While Xavier Odieux is locked up in prison for life, his brother Olivier is free and it’s time to begin his great plan. Soon fires are burning across Paris followed by a mass break out at the prison. Are these isolated incidents? Bastien & his friends don’t think so and start to discover what is really going on.

Bastien is a great character, loyal, curious and intelligent whereas Olivier is a horrible person, a nasty piece of work who won’t stop at anything to get what he wants and feels he deserves.
A great story, set in a beautiful city. I’m growing very fond of Bastien & his friends, and hope there are more adventures to come.

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