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Josie wants more, more of everything, learning, adventure but she’s got a little brother about to be born and all she’s hearing at home is conversations abut prams and baby names. Apparently names have meanings, Jodie discovers and then does some more digging about famous Josephine’s. Suddenly there on the screen is another Josephine – Josephine Amanda Groves Holloway who founded the first Black Girl Scouts troop in Tennessee in the 1920’s. Here was someone worth learning about. Josie shares the ideas with Wesley & Margot, friends who live in the same little close as her, are in her class at school, and The Copsey’s are born. Copsey Close is in Luton, and the Close backs on to a wilderness, otherwise known as the Outback, and a large derelict factory, Chicane Cars, where Wesley’s grandfather used to work.

So begins a series of adventures, small ones at first but then after seeing lights on in the empty factory building Josie wants to explore a bit more and everything becomes a lot more serious.

The characters are well defined, you could almost smell the inside of Wesley’s house and the cacophony of noise, compared to Margot’s house where it’s just her and her dad. Josie is brilliant, sassy, confident, most of the time, and is big enough to apologise when she has to. I hope there are more adventures for The Copsey’s.

I loved this story, I hadn’t read the reviews so wasn’t expecting the narrative to go in the direction it did, but I did need tissues at the end. It’s going to be one of those books that should be in every school library.

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