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Book Review  – Susan Brownrigg – Gracie Fairshaw & the Mysterious Guest

September 30, 2021

Susan Brownrigg – Gracie Fairshaw & the Mysterious Guest

A tale of a new home, new friends, magic and deceit.

It is 1935 and Gracie Fairshaw, her brother George & her Ma have just taken over a boarding house, an earlier version of modern bed and breakfast guest houses, called The Majestic in Blackpool. Something Ma has wanted since she used to go to Blackpool for holidays as a child. The illuminations that happen every year are about to be turned on and the town is full of visitors and guests.

Gracie has no lower arm on her left side, but it never holds her back, she’s just learnt how to do things in a different way, and George is just the sometimes annoying younger brother. The first morning at the boarding house, while doing the breakfasts, Ma has a shock. She recognises one of the guests at the Majestic, and Gracie can tell it’s not a good memory. Ma shrugs it off and they get ready to go and explore the town, but as they are ready to leave Ma disappears.

So starts a great tale of new friends, magic, and deceit. The characters are very well written they make you want to discover more.  Gracie is a believable & brave character who is very observant, while some people can’t see past her disability, and her new friend Violet is so inquisitive constantly wanting to take things apart, you just know they’ll make a good pair of detectives.

This is a wonderful story, a seaside adventure that rattles along like the rides at the Pleasure Beach. I’ve never been to Blackpool, but the way in which it is described is so vivid the town comes alive in the book.

Discover more about Gracie Fairshaw here:

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