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New Series and Sequels out April and May 2021

May 3, 2021

I’ve just realised I haven’t written a blog post in ages, as I’ve been doing a lot on social media and on the Children’s Book Sequels page

There is a full list on that page for all the April titles, but here is a list for May, click on the link and it will take you to the relevant series page at

Patience Agbabi – Leap Cycle 2 – The Time-Thief

Sarah Horne – Panda at the Door – New Series

Jeremy Strong – Small Tales from the Big Forest – 2 – Armadillo and Hare and the Flamingo Affair

David MacPhail – Velda the Awesomest Viking – New Series

Julie Sykes – Unicorn Academy – Lyra and Misty

Ross Mackenzie – Evernight – Feast of the Evernight

AnnaLiese Avery – The Nightsilver Promise – New Series

Josephy Delany – Spook’s Apprentice: Brother Wulf – Wulf’s Bane

Paula Harrison – Kitty – Kitty and the Kidnap Trap

Maz Evans – The Exploding Life of Scarlett Fife – New Series

Guy Bass – Skeleton Keys – The Night of the Nobody

The Brothers Macleod – Knight Sir Louis and the Dragon of DooooM!

Erin Hunter – Warriors: Broken Code – The Place of No Stars

Erin Hunter – Warriors; A Warrior’s Choice

Holly Smale – The Valentines – Love Me Not

Lucy Powrie – Paper & Hearts Society – Bookishly Ever After

Peter Lerangis – Throwback – Out of Time

Jennifer Killick – Crater Lake, Evolution

Hilary McKay – Skylarks’ War – The Swallows’ Flight

Laura Ellen Anderson – Rainbow Grey – New Series

Calliope Glass – Sparkleton – The Weirdest Wish

David Bowles – 13th Street – Tussle with the Tooting Tarantulas

Priscilla Mante – The Dream Team – Jaz Santos Vs. the World

Holly Webb – Earth Friends – River Rescue

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