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World Book Day

March 2, 2020


 World Book Day!

It’s World Book Day – March 5th 2020.Looking for ideas to celebrate books and reading? Check the World Book Day website for lots of resources.

There’s now a basic guide on YouTube showing you all the different ways to search for the books you’re looking for. Here the link:

How to use the Children’s Book Sequels website.

Many of the authors who wrote the £1 World Book Day titles this year have series on  To find out more click on the author and series links below and get some ideas for spending your book voucher.

Amelia Fang by Laura Ellen Anderson

Amelia Fang

Click on the image to find more Amelia Fang stories.

A gorgeously gothic, wickedly funny series from the world of Nocturnia, where darkness reigns supreme, glitter is terrifying, and unicorns are the stuff of nightmares! Amelia Fang hangs out with her pet pumpkin Squashy and her friends Florence the yeti (DON’T CALL HER BEAST!) and Grimaldi the reaper.



Adventures of Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man

Click on the image to find more Dog Man stories.

From the creator of Captain Underpants

George and Harold have created a new breed of justice — one that is part dog, part man, and ALL HERO!
With the head of a dog and the body of a human, this heroic hound digs into deception, claws after crooks, rolls over robbers, and scampers after squirrels.

Will he be able to resist the call of the wild to answer the call of duty?


“The Truth Pixie” and “Shadowforest”  by Matt  Haig

Evie in the Jungle

Click on the image to find more stories by Matt Haig

In the Truth Pixie series, one special pixie learns self confidence by always telling the truth:

‘Wherever she is, whatever the day,She only has one kind of thing to say.
Just as cats go miaow and cows go moo,
The Truth Pixie can only say things that are true.’

The Shadowforest series
Winner of the Gold Smarties Prize, the Blue Peter Book Award and shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.

Samuel Blink is the hero of this story, but he doesn’t know it yet.
Right now, he and his sister Martha are in the back of his parents’ car. He has no idea a giant log is about to fall from the sky and change his life forever. He doesn’t know that he and Martha will be forced to move to Norway and eat their Aunt Eda’s smelly brown cheese. He hasn’t the slightest clue Martha will disappear into the Shadow Forest – a forest full of one-eyed trolls, deadly Truth Pixies, a shadow-stealing witch and the evil Changemaker.

Kid Normal and the Loudest Library

Click on the image to find more Kid Normal stories.

Kid Normal by Greg James

Murph Cooper has a problem. His new school is top secret, and super weird. His classmates can all fly or control the weather or conjure tiny horses from thin air. And what’s Murph’s extraordinary skill? Um, oh yeah – he hasn’t got one.

Murder Most Unladylike series by Robin Stevens

The Case of the Drowned Pearl

Click on the image to find more Murder Most Unladylike stories.

There are 10 books in this series about  Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong have set up their own detective agency. at Deepdean School for Girls, But they are struggling to find any real crimes to investigate. But they don’t have to wait for long, trouble always seems to find them. Gloriously funny boarding school adventures.





Alex Rider Undercover: The Classified Files

Click on the image to find more Alex Rider stories.

Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz

There are 13 books so far about Alex Rider, forcibly recruited to MI6 as a secret agent. Great adventures, and if you’ve seen the film, why not read the books? Set in different parts of the world, there is always something going on in the shadows.

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