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World Book Day 2020 Quiz

March 1, 2020

Quiz for World Book Day

You will find all the answers at Have fun.

For a printable PDF click here: World Book Day Quiz

1. What is the second book called in the “Kid Normal” series?
2. Who wrote “The Snow Spider” Trilogy?
3. Find the name of a series about Pirates.
4. Name any series by Matt Haig.
5. Apart from the “Adventures of Dog Man” books, which other well-known series is by the same author?
6. Who wrote “The Flying Fergus” books with Joanna Nadin?
7. Who is the author of the “Amelia Fang” stories?
8. What is for tea in one of the titles of the “Murder Most Unladylike” series?
9. In the “How to Train your Dragon” series, complete the title – “How to break a dragon’s ?
10. Name the latest book review on the Children’s Book Sequels Blog?

Well done. Check the Children’s Book Sequels Blog on Wednesday 3rd March for more World Book Day reading ideas.

1. Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes
2. Jenny Nimmo
3. Accidental Pirates
Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates
Dragon Blood Pirates
Pocket Pirates
Space Pirates
Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates
4. Shadowforest & Truth Pixie
5. Captain Underpants
6. Sir Chris Hoy
7. Laura Ellen Anderson
8. Arsenic
9. Heart
10 Adventures on Trains: The Highland Falcon Thief by M.G. Leonard & Sam Sedgman. Illustrated by Elisa Paganelli

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