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Book Review: To the Edge of the World by Julia Green

May 8, 2018

Once in a while I get a children’s book from a publisher in return for a frank and honest review. I also reserve titles that interest me from my local library and do reviews on those.
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A great adventure on the Edge of the World
Set in the Outer Hebrides this is a tale of growing up , friendship and being brave enough to take on new challenges and overcome fear. Jamie lives on the island and comes across Mara one day on the beach with her dog Django and her boat Stardust. She is everything Jamie is not. Mara isn’t afraid of anything. Except being sent away to school. With time running out at the end of the summer holidays she hatches a plan but Jamie ends up going along.
The history of the islands is included and brings to live this remote area on the edge of the world. Another wonderful adventure from Julia Green with lots of detail about sailing a small boat and living life.

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