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Welcome to the latest news and updates for the Children’s Book Sequels website

With lots of new series added and updates for existing series here’s the list for February, March & April 2018

If you click on any of the links it will take you to the series page on the
Children’s Book Sequels website

Please let me know if you find a link that’s not working and I’ll try and fix it. If you are an author, please could you find a minute to check your page and make sure that I’m up to date with your latest series. You can use the contact me box on the front page to mail me. Thank you.

Did you know–if you type the word “unicorns” into the series search it will find all the series about unicorns…
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Happy reading.

New Series added:

 Andrea Montalbano – Soccer Sisters

Brandon Mull – Fablehaven Adventures

Celine Kiernan – Wild Magic Trilogy

Chris Grabenstein – Welcome to Wonderland

Daisy Meadows – Rainbow Magic 29 – Funfair Fairies

David O’Connell – Dundoodle Mysteries

Django Wexler – Forbidden Library

Doreen Cronin – Chicken Squad

Emily Bliss – Unicorn Princesses

Holly Anna – Daisy Dreamer

Janine Beacham – Rose Raventhorpe Investigates

Jennifer Castle – Butterfly Wishes

Jessica Ennis-Hill and Elen Caldecott – Evie’s Magic Bracelet

Jillian Dodd – Spy Girl

Julie Sykes – Unicorn Academy

Linda Sue Park – Wing and Claw

Mark Parisi – Marty Pants

Mo Farah & Kes Gray – Go Mo Go

Peadar O’Guilin – Call

Raymond Arroyo – Will Wilder

Ruth Lauren – Prisoner of Ice and Snow

Sarah Jean Horwitz – Carmer and Grit

Sheila Grau – Dr. Critchlore ‘s School for Minions

Susan Moore – Nat Walker Trilogy

Tamora Pierce – Numair Chronicles

Tom Percival – Little Legends

Wendy Spinale – Everland

Zanna Davidson – Fairy Unicorns



Dominique Demers – The Adventure of Miss Charlotte – 3

Maz Evans – Who Let the Gods Out – 3


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