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Well, autumn is well and truly here. I’m writing this as Storm Alex is battering the front of the house here in Somerset. We’ve had two Super Thursdays lately with lots of new children’s titles being published. Most of those were added to the children’s book sequels website previously, but if you follow me on twitter @ChiBkSequels you can find all the details there. I sat and did the income figures for September 2020 this morning. A grand total of £12. This comes via affiliates with Waterstones, Hive, and Amazon. If you click the link next to the book title and buy absolutely anything, I get a very small percentage of the cost price at no extra charge to you. Every little helps with the running costs of the server and domains.

There are a couple of new book reviews on the blog, so scroll down to find them. I am always happy to do reviews. I add them here on the blog, Amazon, Waterstones, W.H. Smith and Goodreads.

If you are a children’s author or publisher and you discover a series or an update that I’ve missed, please let me know, via the comment section or DM on Twitter, and I’ll update the site as soon as possible.

So here’s the list of new series added and updates:

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New Series added:
Gina Loveless – Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw
Jeff Rosen – Caley Cross
Jon Blake – Thimble Monkey Superstar
Judi Curtin – Alice and Megan
Judi Curtin – Eva
Judi Curtin – Time After Time
Loris Owen – Quicksmiths
Matt Oldfield – Johnny Ball
Megan McDonald – Stink
Natasha Lowe – Poppy Pendle
Steven Banks – Middle School Bites
Struan Murray – Orphans of the Tide
Zoe Antoniades – Cally and Jimmy

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Daisy Meadows – Magic Animal Friends – 9 – 33
Lisa McMann – Unwanted Quests – 4 – 7
Megan McDonald – Judy Moody – 14
Sarah Govett – Territory – 3
Tom Watson – Stick Dog – 10

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