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Ship of Shadows

Aleja lives in Seville in Spain. She wants adventure and freedom, but is bound by domestic chores at home. But that changes when she gets a chance to join the Ship of Shadows. A magical ship crewed by female pirates. There are secrets, magic rooms on board ship, and a large library but Aleja feels that she is not being told the real mission of the ship. She is invited to stay for one voyage to Africa as she is speaks different languages. All the crew have different talents, and classes are held on weapons training, using pistols and the right way to use a cutlass. Gradually Aleja is accepted by the crew and taken on an expedition across the Sahara desert with the chance to ride a camel and solve a mystery about a lost city.
It is a great story with believable characters, friendships and following your dreams. It is full of drama, swashbuckling pirates and faraway places. Maria Kuzniar’s description of the high seas, mythical (or real?) monsters and the heat of the desert are wonderfully descriptive. I hope there are more tales of Aleja’s adventures on the horizon.

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