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Welcome to the latest update from Children’s Book Sequels.

The best made plans of mice and men. So I’ve finally got round to doing the blog update for November and December so do have a look at the lists below.

If you click on any of the links it will take you to the series page on the
Children’s Book Sequels website

Please let me know if you find a link that’s not working and I’ll try and fix it.

Did you know–if you type the word “pirates” into the series search it will find all the series about pirates..

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Happy reading

New Series added:

Christian O’Connell – Radio Boy

Hacker Murphy – Creeper Files

Kevin Sands – Blackthorn Key


Andy Griffiths – Treehouse series – 6
Dav Pilkey – Adventure of Dog Man – 2
H.L. Dennis – River of Ink -3 & 4
Holly Smale – Geek Girl – 6
Jennifer Donnelly – Waterfire Saga
Jim Smith – Barry Loser – 7
Kate O’Hearn – Pegasus – 6
Liz Pichon – Tom Gates – 11
Sophie Cleverly – Scarlet and Ivy – 3 & 4
Tui  T Sutherland – Wings of Fire – 9

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