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I hope you like the new look for Children’s Book Sequels. It is now much more accessible on portable devices, tablets and phones. There are still a few glitches and you may find some of the links on the blog don’t work. Please use the comment box on the website to let me know if anything doesn’t work properly.

Lots of new series added over the month. I have now added hyperlinks to the right page on the website so you can click on the series name here and it will take you to the right page.

Please remember that this website only makes money from referral fees from affiliate booksellers so please consider buying items through the website, by clicking on Amazon, Waterstones, Hive, and IndieBound buttons.

There might be problems using the Hive button as they are changing their affiliate site and we are still updating the lnks. Sorry.

New series added this month:

Angie Morgan – Sedric

Esme Kerr – Knights Haddon

Julian Clary – The Bolds

Katy Cannon – Love, Lies and Lemon Pies

Michelle Krys – Hexed

Ruby Nash – Sparky – Mrs Mothwick’s Magic Academy

Sophie Cleverly – Scarlet and Ivy

Updated series:

Jacqueline Harvey – Clementine Rose – 5 & 6

Jacqueline Harvey – Alice-Miranda – 8 & 9

Tommy Greenwald – Charlie Joe Jackson -5

Happy reading

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