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Updates & Book Reviews for Children's Book Sequels

New Series added to Children’s Book Sequels
Lindsey Barraclough – Long Lankin
Ämy McCulloch – Knot’s Sequence
Michelle Magorian – The Hollis Family
Simon Weston – Nelson
Chris Riddell – Goth Girl
Helen Perelman – Candy Fairies
Poppy Collins – Fashion Fairy Princess
Dominic Barker – Max and Molly’s Guide to Trouble
Charlie Fletcher – Dragonshield Trilogy
Shirley Hughes – Dixie O’Day
Simon Cheshire – SWARM
D.D. Everest – Archie Greene
Helen Moss – Secrets of the Tombs
Jenny Meyerhoff – Barftastic Life of Louie Burger
April Henry – Point Last Seen
Hayley Long – Lottie Biggs
Claire Taylor-Smith – Hattie B – Magical Vet
Jordan Quinn – Kingdom of Wrenly
Rosie Banks – Secret Kingdom (Series 5)
Hannah Shaw – Stan Stinky
Jonny Zucker – Fleatectives
Jeanne Willis – Supercat
Jan Burchett – Pets from Space
Chris D’Lacey – Unicorne Files
Chase Wilder – Temple Run
Meagan Spooner – Skylark Trilogy
David Zeltser – Lug
Rick Yancey – 5th Wave
Stephan Pastis – Timmy Failure

Jacqueline Harvey – Alice-Miranda
John Flanagan –  Brotherband Chronicles
Kes Gray – Daisy
Simon Mayo – Itch
Coco Simon – Cupcake Diaries

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