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Ship of Shadows

Aleja lives in Seville in Spain. She wants adventure and freedom, but is bound by domestic chores at home. But that changes when she gets a chance to join the Ship of Shadows. A magical ship crewed by female pirates. There are secrets, magic rooms on board ship, and a large library but Aleja feels that she is not being told the real mission of the ship. She is invited to stay for one voyage to Africa as she is speaks different languages. All the crew have different talents, and classes are held on weapons training, using pistols and the right way to use a cutlass. Gradually Aleja is accepted by the crew and taken on an expedition across the Sahara desert with the chance to ride a camel and solve a mystery about a lost city.
It is a great story with believable characters, friendships and following your dreams. It is full of drama, swashbuckling pirates and faraway places. Maria Kuzniar’s description of the high seas, mythical (or real?) monsters and the heat of the desert are wonderfully descriptive. I hope there are more tales of Aleja’s adventures on the horizon.

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Hi everyone, I’ve been through all the 1500+ authors on the website and checked their website links, so they should be ok now. I did find a few interesting links that had been hijacked by suspicious content.
So here is a shorter list of updates and new series added to for June 2020.Please support your local independent bookshops and order online via Hive. I have 5 affiliate links. Waterstones, Hive,, (USA) & Indie Bound (USA). If you order anything at all through the links I earn a small amount towards the running of the website.
Thank you for your support. If you are an author and there are updates missing or worse, mistakes on your pages, please let me know.
If you click on a series or picture, it will take you to the relevant page on
So here are the lists:

New Series
Ann Davila Cardinal – Five Midnights
Carl Ashmore – Time Hunters Saga
Cavan Scott – Warhammer Adventures – Warped Galaxies
Chris Hannon – Orca
Corey Ann Haydu – Hand-Me-Down Magic
Craig Robinson & Adam Mansbach – Jake the Fake
Cynthia Hand – Lady Janies Series
Daisy Meadows – Unicorn Magic Specials
Ellen Miles – Puppy Place
Ellen Miles – Puppy Place Special Editions
Gregory Funaro – Watch Hollow
Helen Peters – Jasmine Green Series
Hilary McKay – Binny
Holly Black – Modern Faerie Tales
Jason Byrne – Accidental Adventures of Onion O’Brien
Justine Windsor – Goodly and Grave
Kate Frost – Time Shifters
Katy Cannon – Switch Up
Kenneth Oppel – Overthrow
Kiki Thorpe – Finding Tinker Bell
Lyla Lee – Mindy Kim
Simon James Green – Noah
Tanaz Bhathena – Wrath of Ambar
Tony Diterlizzi – Kenny
Trudi Canavan – Millennium’s Rule
Zuni Blue – Detective Mya Dove

Chris Colfer – Tale of Magic – 2
David Zeltser – Lug – 2
Gabrielle Kent – Knights & Bikes – 3
Heather Vogel Frederick – Pumpkin Falls Mysteries – 3
James Riley – Revenge of Magic – 3 & 4
Jeff Kinney – Rowley Jefferson – 2
Jessica Day George – Rose Legacy – 3
Pete Johnson – Louis the Laugh – 3 – 6
Robert Beaty – Serafina – 3 & 4
Tom Nicoll – Level Up – 4

Book Review – Orca Rising by Chris Hannon

June 18, 2020

The GCSE exams are over and a long summer holiday stretches in front of Ocean Daley. He really doesn’t want to help his stepdad on a building site, and he’s not sure about going back to school for A Levels. When a stranger arrives and says he’s Ocean’s uncle, his dead father’s brother, things start getting interesting. Ocean is invited to a summer school in Leicestershire, but when he arrives there only 5 other pupils from different parts of the world. They are set different tasks from computer coding, physical fitness and psychology. If they fail they will be asked to leave.

When Ocean and Dante are sent on their first mission, they begin to realise that something isn’t right. Is Hinkley Farm a place of good or evil? The motto is “By shadow we craft a future of our own making”

The first in a series, Orca Rising is a great story for fans of Anthony Horowitz, Robert Muchamore and Eoin Colfer, it is full of action and adventure, set in a relatable world.
I was given the book for an honest and frank review. For more details and to order the Orca books click here.

New series and updates added May 2020 part 2

June 2, 2020

Click image to order online.
Click image to order online.

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing ok in these strange times. Here in the UK we are coming out of lockdown very slowly, with shops trying to re open with all the new safety measures in place. Our independent bookshops need us more than ever now. You can order nearly all the titles on online at Hive, by clicking the button next to the title, have it delivered or collect from your local bookshop.

Children’s Book Sequels is affiliated to Hive, Waterstones, Amazon UK, Amazon USA and Indie Bound in the USA. This is the only way I make any money so I am asking you to consider going through one of the affiliate buttons when you order an item.

I’ve added lots of titles over these last few weeks, some have had their publication dates changed, due to Covid-19 so do check when ordering.

So here’s the list of new series and updates: Click on the title and the link will take you to the right page at

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New series and updates added May 2020 part 1

May 18, 2020

Hi everyone, I hope you are all coping with the lockdown in your own way. I’ve been busy adding lots of titles and new series to www, and there’s a long list below. If you click on the title it will take you to the relevant series page on the website.
Also a very big thank you to Michelle Harrison for sending me images for the blog header. You can find her page here: Michelle Harrison. 
If you are a children’s author, have a page on the website and would like your series at the top of the blog page, please contact me via DM on twitter @ChiBkSequels
As I have mentioned before, the only way I make any money from the website is from affiliate links, so please consider ordering the books through the Waterstones, Hive, and Amazon links. You don’t have to just buy the linked item, anything will count as you’ve gone in via .
I hope to make enough to cover the server charges, I don’t make enough to make a living but I enjoy doing it, and I hope it makes your life easier and you enjoy using the website.
So here’s the long list; happy reading.

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